A melancholy boy from the small town of Shooters Creek. ‘Stan’ tells the story of friendship between a lonely soul and some unusual objects. Written, filmed, edited and illustrated by myself, Hollywood acting skills courtesy of my brother, this project has been a true labour of love.






Design, Illustration, Film

DVD design

Bringing my illustrations to life, I created this short film entitled 'Stan'. Using found natural resources as my canvas I created and painted a family of characters. The head was made entirely from paper mache, which took an entire week to dry out.

Character illustrations

The Film

To co-inside with the film I created a 32 page book using the same storyline. Each page was painted on to 70” x 20” salvaged piece of wood to honour the feel of the wilderness. The font was hand drawn and run through a font editor to construct three different versions of each character to give a more authentic hand drawn appearance.

Book examples


Celebrating 40 years of The Golden Record project