Disney's Blank

Capitalising on Blank's stop-motion animation style, select from 12 beautiful frames and dedicate one to someone special on Valentine’s day. The project was featured on the Google.com homepage, and Blank became the most downloaded movie on Google Play.


Disney & Google




Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Animation

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  • google


Desktop design

Mobile design

The main part of the site was the gallery made up from 12 of the best movie frames. This gave users a glimpse of the movie and allowed them to select one frame to send to someone special.


Site walkthrough

We wanted to make sure we gave the recipient something memorable. So we storyboarded a 10 second animation of the characters from the movie, opening the envelope, revealing your frame and showing your dedicated message. Disney took this and brought it too life. We then created a video rendering system to create a bespoke video for each dedication.


Recipient walkthrough

Animation storyboard

As a bonus for the first 5,000 dedications made. Google sent real prints to US users. The printed frames mimicked the digital ones and had all gone within 24 hours of launching.

Printed frames


The book and short film about a boy named 'Stan'.